Black Lightning: The Grand Finale

We did it, you guys! Season One is officially in the can! Thanks for rocking with me through these last twelve episodes. It has been my personal joy and honor to discuss this acclaimed and greatly needed show all the way through to the finale. And what a finale it was! My Lord! Jefferson’s father’s murder was revisited, ASA got violent and Freeland crowned a king! But before I get into any of that, this is the last warning you get for Season One. Be ye warned—there are definitely spoilers ahead.

Black Lightning: Tying Up Loose Ends

Welcome back, you Freeland fiends! And welcome to another electrifying review of Black Lightning. The penultimate episode is upon us, and that means from here on out we’ll be flying full-speed ahead at every loose end the series has to offer as it tries to wrap them all up before next week’s big season finale. So, hold on to your butts, Black Lightning aficionados, from this point forward, there will be (a few) spoilers!

Black Lightning: The Tangled Webs We Weave

Freeland fans! Welcome to another exciting review of the most electrifying show in comic book history, BLACK LIGHTNING! This week’s episode hit us with new super suits, crooked cops, factory explosions, and the best kind of movie night with the Pierces. We’ve made it all the way out here to episode 9, and somehow, someway it STILL feels we’re only warming up! As usual, I’ll do what I can to avoid telling you everything about the latest happenings in Freeland, but beware...there will definitely be spoilers ahead.

Black Lightning Sees Thunder on the Horizon

Among all the things that sets it apart, one reason for Black Lightning’s success is its refusal to play by the rules. Most superhero pilots include the hero’s origin. Not Black Lightning. We’re six episodes in and still haven’t gotten it. Comic book shows, particularly on The CW, usually feature younger heroes. Jefferson Pierce, on the other hand, is pushing middle age with one daughter in high school and another who’s a med student. Superhero shows feature plenty of super-powered fights. Again, not Black Lighting.

Black Lightning: Death Becomes Her

Welcome back, Black Lightning fans! I must admit, I’m really starting to love these little talks we have. I can’t believe it’s been three whole weeks already! Oh, what’s that? You’re not really here for the small talk, at all? And you only showed up to hear more about how electrifying Black Lightning was this week? Well… uhhh...I guess we’ll get right to the good stuff, then! Starting with...

First Look: Black Lightning Brings Thunder

The Black Lightning series premiere may still be over a week away, but why wait till then to get excited? Today, The CW released the first image of Anissa Pierce (Nafessa Williams) suited up as Thunder.

5.2 Reasons We Can’t Stop Watching the DC Nation Shorts

As announced on Monday, we’re now adding all of the animated shorts from DC Nation on Cartoon Network to the DC Comics website and YouTube Channel for your viewing pleasure. Why? Well, one, because we’re awesome like that, and, two, because those shorts are some of the best things ever and we can’t stop watching them and we only have so much space on our DVRs and if we had to delete one we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves!

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