DC All Access: The Flash vs. Supergirl

It’s a battle of Speed Force versus brute force in this week’s supersonic “Versus Live!” segment. Special guests Nichole Evans and Josh Evans drop by to debate which hero would win in a fast-as-light-fight between the Flash or Supergirl, but only you can provide us with an answer. Will the Scarlet Speedster prove too fast for the Girl of Steel? Or will Supergirl bring the heat (vision) and send the Flash running? Watch the segment, then cast your vote in the poll below!

Don’t forget to watch till the end for the results of last week’s battle between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy!

DC All Access: Harley Quinn vs. Poison Ivy

In every relationship, there’s bound to be a few fights…and in the case of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, you know they’re going to be doozies. In today’s “Versus Live!”, we’re pitting our two sweet-and-sinister paramours against each other for some no-holds-barred Coney Island carnage! Geek & Sundry’s Amy Dallen drops in to defend Ivy, while her usual partner-in-crime Matt Key champions Harley. But which villainess emerges victorious is up to you. Will Ivy’s plants and poison prove too much for Harley and her hammer? Or will the sometime Suicide Squader cut Ivy off at the roots?

DC All Access: Robin vs. Nightwing

Brother vs. brother? Yeah, we went there! In today’s “Versus Live!”, we’re pitting the current Boy Wonder against the original. That’s right, it’s Damian Wayne vs. Dick Grayson. Robin vs. Nightwing. And it’s up to you to tell us who will win. Will Dick’s smart attacks and strategic thinking win out over Damian’s pure, unrestrained aggression? Or will the fact that Damian’s an al Ghul as well as a Wayne give him an insurmountable edge? Could they possibly decide they’re fighting the wrong Robins and team up to take down Jason Todd?

DC All Access: Superman vs. Batman

DC All Access is taking “Versus” to a whole new level as we pit two of DC’s most iconic characters against each other and try to determine who would win in a fight…live! For this debut segment, we’re tackling the biggest, most enduring match-up of them all: Superman vs. Batman! DC writer and host Sam Humphries welcomes writer Jon Rivera (CAVE CARSON HAS AN INTERSTELLAR EYE) and Nerdist’s Dan Casey as they debate which of the two star superheroes would come out on top. Would Superman’s strength and strong array of powers send Batman limping back to his cave?

Road to #1000: Captive of the Red Sun

Superman is inherently a science fiction character. His origin begins when this super-powered alien is rocketed from his dying world—a world more advanced than Earth in almost every single way. The Man of Steel has many adventures that fall within the realm of science fiction. He has allies from the far future, one of his biggest adversaries is an alien AI that likes to shrink entire cities, and he has a fortress filled with wondrous futuristic technology.

Road to #1000: Who is Luthor?

A strong hero must always be confronted by a strong villain. Batman has the Joker, Green Lantern has Sinestro and Superman has Lex Luthor. Luthor’s comic book debut does not disappoint and features forward-looking comic storytelling that makes it seem like this is a modern comic book. So let’s put on your kevlar helmet and prepare for war as we continue our look at the ten must-read issues of Action Comics.

Road to #1000: A Super-Kiss For a Super-Man!

ACTION COMICS is soon to be the very first comic book to ever hit 1,000 issues. Much like Superman bounding into existence as the first superhero, his own book will be the first comic of its kind. To celebrate this momentous occasion, I’ve put together a list of my ten must-read issues of Action Comics.


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