Arrow: Goodbye and Hello

With the season winding down, I thought this Arrow was an interesting choice of direction for tonight.

Surprising? Yes. Disappointed? No.

One might think that this episode would throw off the steam that the Diaz storyline is starting to gain. Truth be told, I may have been with you there. (Especially seeing how we’re coming out of a lengthy hiatus.) However, I found this to be a pretty neat little story that leaves the door open for things in the future, while serving as a potential goodbye to Speedy and Arsenal.

Arrow: Enter the Dragon

Arrow continued its streak of pretty solid episodes this week by wasting no time and jumping head first into the Diaz story arc.

The Good

First off, seeing Diaz and the new recruit sparring totally reminded me of Wayne’s World when Wayne and Garth open the random door to show a bunch of guys training and Wayne says, “I just always wanted to open a door to a room where people are being trained like in James Bond movies.” HA!

DC All Access - Ep 218 - Suicide Squad's New Mission + Arrow's Stephen Amell & Cast

Welcome to Task Force aXcess! Your mission is to watch today’s all new episode of DC All Access, featuring a sneak peek at the brand new Suicide Squad comic with writer Sean Ryan. Be sure to stay on alert for the cast of Arrow, who give us a few hints about what to expect in season three, as well as fellow Task Force member Will Dennis, who provides us with some valuable intel regarding a new Vertigo title from Ollie Masters and Ming Doyle. Finally, we’ve heard rumbles that special agent Tiffany Smith has been seen trading free comics for information. We’ve captured a few of these transactions on film and they can be viewed near the end of today’s episode. Upon completion of this mission, all agents are encouraged to file their reports and leave any analysis down below in the comments.

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