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DC All Access - Who is Lucifer?

Fri, 01/22/2016 - 2:00pm

DC All Access is giving the devil his due! In this new clip, we look at Lucifer Morningstar's compelling comic book history, from his debut in the pages of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman to his new ongoing Vertigo series by Holly Black and Lee Garbett, all in time for his small screen debut.

Lucifer premieres on Fox at 9 p.m. (6 p.m.) on Monday, January 25th. For more on the character: http://www.vertigocomics.com/blog/2015/12/16/lucifer-101-what-you-need-to-know

To read the new Lucifer comic digitally: https://www.readdcentertainment.com/Lucifer-2015/comics-series/58689

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