DC Comics Art Academy Featuring Brad Walker (2018)

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DC Comics Art Academy Featuring Brad Walker (2018)

Tue, 08/28/2018 - 6:38pm

Welcome to the DC Comics Art Academy, a series of art tutorials recorded at Comic-Cons featuring many of the gifted and unique artists working for DC today. In today's installment, Demon: Hell is Earth artist Brad Walker revisits Jack Kirby's fire-breathing antihero as we discuss how he got a start as an artist, visual storytelling fundamentals and why sharpies are the perfect inking tool for conventions.

For more from Brad, check out this week's Lex Luthor/Porky Pig Special #1: https://www.readdc.com/Lex-Luthor-Porky-Pig-2018-1/digital-comic/T1901900015001?ref=c2VhcmNoL2luZGV4L2Rlc2t0b3Avc2xpZGVyTGlzdC90b3BSZXN1bHRzU2xpZGVy

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