DC Comics Art Academy Featuring Mirka Andolfo

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DC Comics Art Academy Featuring Mirka Andolfo

Wed, 11/28/2018 - 1:09pm

Welcome to the DC Comics Art Academy, a series of art tutorials and interviews recorded at Comic-Cons featuring many of the gifted and unique artists working for DC today. In today's installment, Hex Wives artist Mirka Andolfo draws Izzy, the main character in her new DC Vertigo series, while discussing the book's characters and subject matter, how it feels to be a part of Vertigo's relaunch and some of the challenges she's run into as an Italian artist drawing a comic steeped in Americana.

To see more of Mirka's art, check out this week's Hex Wives #2: https://www.readdc.com/Hex-Wives-2018-2/digital-comic/T1873200025001?ref=c2VhcmNoL2luZGV4L2Rlc2t0b3Avc2xpZGVyTGlzdC90b3BSZXN1bHRzU2xpZGVy

Mirka and writer Ben Blacker discuss Hex Wives: https://www.vertigocomics.com/blog/2018/10/31/blood-and-marriage-ben-blacker-and-mirka-andolfo-talk-hex-wives

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