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First Look: Batman Reunites with Henri Ducard
First Look: Batman Reunites with Henri Ducard
The Dark Knight’s former mentor makes an unceremonious return as the hunt for Dr. Thompkins’ killer continues in this preview of DETECTIVE COMICS #996.
Inside Outsiders: Say Hello to Halo
Inside Outsiders: Say Hello to Halo
We’re now six episodes deep into Young Justice: Outsiders, and at episode four we finally got the name of this mysterious new metahuman from Markovia—Halo! (Cut to...
Arrow: Is Emiko Queen Joining the Team?
Arrow’s midseason finale ended with the revelation that the new Green Arrow was none other than Emiko Queen. But while we may know this, Ollie and the rest of Team Arrow...
Supergirl: Is Romance in the Air for the Team's Newest Members?
Supergirl returns in just over a week after one of the more intense #DCTV cliffhangers we’ve seen in quite some time, and judging by these new photos, it looks like the...
The Flash: Why is Barry in a Cell in the Latest Photos?
Barry Allen’s done his fair share of hard time, so after seeing the first images released from next week’s Flash midseason premiere, we can’t help but wonder what he’s...
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