BATMAN: RIP, JOKER and more make NYT best seller list for 3/28

BATMAN: RIP, JOKER and more make NYT best seller list for 3...

By DCE Editorial Friday, April 3rd, 2009
Over at THE NEW YORK TIMES ArtsBeat blog, you can find the latest Graphic Books Best Seller list for the week of 3/28, which includes a number of DCU titles. Here's what made the list from our end:
Graphic Books Best Seller (Hardcover) 6 BATMAN: R.I.P., by Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel. (DC Comics, $24.99.) Thomas Wayne, the father of the caped crusader, is cast in a sinister light. 7 BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE, by Alan Moore and Brian Bolland. (DC Comics, $17.99.) This critically acclaimed story from 1988 offers a possible origin for the Joker. 8 JOKER, by Brian Azzarello and Lee Bermejo. (DC Comics, $19.99.) The Joker, newly released from Arkham Asylum, deals with the rivals who have carved into his territory. Graphic Books Best Seller (Paperback) 2 BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, by Frank Miller. (DC Comics, $14.99.) Another classic from 1986: The caped crusader comes out of retirement to save Gotham City from a depraved street gang that are more monsters than man. 8 TINY TITANS VOL. 01, by Art Baltazar and Franco. (DC Comics, $12.99.) This children-friendly take on the Teen Titans includes adventures in the classroom and on the playground.

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