Writer Judd Winick on the initial designs for Jason Todd/The Red Hood

Writer Judd Winick on the initial designs for Jason Todd/...

By DCE Editorial Monday, August 9th, 2010
red-hood-designs-jpg Loooong ago, just as we were about to begin the Batman: UNDER THE HOOD arc, I did a quick design of what I thought Jason Todd's Red Hood costume could/should look like. As some of you may or may not know, I'm a cartoonist. As most of you now know by looking at this sketch, I'm not a very good one. BUT, this was my idea that I sent to our talented artist on the arc, the brilliant Doug Mahnke. My thoughts were simple. I thought Jason would keep his duds simple, minimal, stream lined, a lot like Dick Grayson. Jason wants to be able to move. But unlike Dick, and more like Batman, he wanted LOTS of weapons, hence the coat which is FILLED like an evil Felix the Cat's bag of tricks. And big damned boots. All the better to kick you with. And land on. As you can see, Doug stuck with my designs. Except he added the eye holes on the helmet. Which I agreed with that addition shortly there after. It was needed. We want to see those evil eyes. And NOW, Batman: UNDER THE HOOD, is also an animated movie( Batman: UNDER THE RED HOOD), I was pleased that this original idea I cooked up with Doug is still running around. It's funny how a little thing snowballs. I like how Jason looks. Evil eyes and all.