FLASHPOINT FRIDAY: “This is a guy who is ready to wipe out the surface world.”—Tony Bedard

FLASHPOINT FRIDAY: “This is a guy who is ready to wipe out...

By David Hyde Friday, April 15th, 2011
flashpoint_fri_white How often do you get asked questions you can't answer about the world of FLASHPOINT? Dan Abnett: I can’t answer that question. Jimmy Palmiotti : About once a day on Twitter, at every convention and once at the airport coming into the country by homeland security. Peter Milligan: It comes up. But luckily I’ve been too busy to attend too many conventions recently, and it’s at conventions, on panels etc that these awkward questions usually arrive. lois_lane Tony Bedard: I live like a hermit, so I manage to avoid most questions. Dan Jurgens: Too often! It'd be easier to wear a sign around my neck that says, "FLASHPOINT? Don't ask!" Scott Snyder: Oh man, constantly. Jeff Lemire: Not often, but that's only because I'm a recluse with little or no contact with the outside world. In fact the only person I've talked to in the last three months is my FRANKENSTEIN Heroclix figure, luckily he already knows the secrets of FLASHPOINT. He's also a great listener. Rex Ogle: I keep a pretty low profile on the Internet so it’s not too difficult flying under the radar. But my friends are driving me nuts. Every ten minutes, they’re like, “What’s going on with FLASHPOINT? What happened to the DC Universe? Is anybody going to die?” I just shake my head and change the subject to how much I miss new episodes of Buffy on TV. What was the first question you asked Geoff and/or Eddie about FLASHPOINT? Adam Schlagman: If Hal Jordan wasn’t Green Lantern, what happened during BLACKEST NIGHT? Jeff Lemire: Can I write FLASHPOINT PROJECT: S.W.E.E.T. T.O.O.T.H.? Dan Abnett: Are you seriously going to get away with something this amazing? Dan Jurgens: C'mon. Seriously. What are we REALLY going to do? Tony Bedard: It was, "Can I write the Aquaman series?" I have an irrational love of Aquaman, and everyone at DC knows it. frankenstein Peter Milligan: Can I do anything I like with this character? Scott Kolins: When is it due? Jimmy Palmiotti : Honestly, I asked them if they were sure they wanted me for this project...but as they both told me what they wanted me to do, I started to sport an evil smile. Anyone familiar with my other work will totally get it once they pick up the first issue. Scott Snyder: "Is there someone doing a Flashpoint Superman story?" He's a character I love reading but isn't exactly my wheelhouse when it comes to writing. But here's this chance to do a different kind of story with Superman, one looks at the character from a brand new angle. Mike Carlin: Would this be Golden Age Canterbury Cricket or Silver Age Canterbury Cricket? One of the central conceits of the FLASHPOINT world is that we'll see the DC Universe in a way we've never seen it before. (Without ruining/spoiling major plot points that we should keep under wraps...) What in the mini-series you are working on is going to make fans sit back and say, "I've never seen that before?" Tony Bedard: EMPEROR AQUAMAN presents a harder, crueler Aquaman than we've ever seen. How exactly he ended up like that is one of the great mysteries of the mini-series, but this is a guy who is ready to wipe out the surface world, which is a lot of fun to write because there's no pulling punches, no holding back. Peter Milligan: For a start, I’m introducing a totally new character, called Mindwarp. A very different kind of character. And the story answers the question, what does the “M” stand for in Shade The Changing Man’s M-Vest—is it Meta, Madness…or Murderer? Rex Ogle: In my mini-series WORLD OF FLASHPOINT, I have the unique opportunity to show a wider scope of the FP world. Originally, my 3-parter was going to be a series of vignettes, but I convinced Eddie and Geoff that it might be more fun for readers if it were a single story that tapped into all kinds of different pieces and parts of the FLASHPOINT universe. In the first issue alone, the reader will get to see a map of the FP world as well as get hints at the secret history that differentiates the FP universe from the DC Universe. In the second issue, which I’m writing now, I am stuffing it full of cameos. Some are pretty obvious, others you have to take a closer look at. But I can say easily that every character I write for FP, I tried to push the envelope at making them different. canterbury1pg14 Lowell Francis: If I said vampire monkeys, would that be good or bad? Adam Schalgman: Abin Sur - The legendary Abin Sur in action. He never died and is busy saving the universe but the threats are more severe than ever before. J.T. Krul: For me and for fans, we get to see what Dick Grayson would be like if his parents didn't die on that fateful day. One of the tragic figures in the Batman universe is actually doing okay. Jimmy Palmiotti: Just about everything in this book is something you haven't seen before, including some really sick new characters. The excessive amount of death and destruction goes on will catch people off guard. It is a pirate themed book after all. Sean Ryan: A baby antelope eating its own dead mother. Mike Carlin: We don’t see flesh-eaters on the “good guy’s side” often. Dan Jurgens: An 1950's era Norge refrigerator. Well, that and a new character who...oh, wait! I can't! Scott Snyder: Well, it's public knowledge that our story is about something called “Project Superman,” and with the cover for issue 1 showing the rocket landing in Metropolis, and the cover for issue 2 showing a boy in a glass cylinder, suffice it to say, this is going to be a very very different Superman story. There'll be a lot you've never seen before - still, at its heart, it's a story about Kal-El, as Kal-El. The character we all know. Dan Abnett: Diana as a full on Amazonian warrior, true to her heritage. That’s scary. And Lois Lane at her most resourceful and determined. Jeff Lemire: Frankenstein vs. Hitler. Scott Kolins: There’s bunch of stuff in my CITIZEN COLD 3-parter that’s has never been done for COLD or THE ROGUES. Can you imagine COLD being the hero of Central City? What kind of hero would he be? Plus there’s the whole IRIS angle - that’s new and soooo much fun. fp-rogues2011