FLASHPOINT FRIDAY: From The Editor’s Desk: Eddie Berganza on REVERSE FLASH #1 Cover

FLASHPOINT FRIDAY: From The Editor’s Desk: Eddie Berganza...

By Eddie Berganza Friday, April 29th, 2011
flashpoint_fri_white Today, I’ve already shown you process pieces for the cover and first page of FLASHPOINT: EMPEROR AQUAMAN #1. Below you will see the evolution of the cover to FLASHPOINT: REVERSE FLASH #1. With each step in the process coming into fruition, everything from the Reverse Flash’s sinister grin to the signature icons of DC’s greatest superheroes getting tossed aside in the background becomes more detailed and pronounced, resulting in this awesome, collaborative final product. 1. Let’s begin with the initial sketch: fp_rf_1_sketch 2. Followed by Ardian Syaf’s pencils: fp_rf_1_pencils 3. Then Vicente Cifuentes provides depth with his no leaks inks: fp_rf_1_inks 4. And as the last hoorah, Kyle Ritter adds color as the ultimate step: fp_rf_1_final And in other FLASHPOINT news, be sure to head on over to Comic Book Resources for an interview with FLASHPOINT: SECRET SEVEN writer Peter Milligan, as well as to IGN for an exclusive interview with series creator and mastermind, Geoff Johns.