Counting down to DC Comics-The New 52: A note from Geoff Johns

Counting down to DC Comics-The New 52: A note from Geoff...

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, August 30th, 2011
While I was checking in for my flight yesterday from Los Angeles to New York I thought to myself, “Don’t check your bag.” I mean, it was pretty light and who checks their bag for a three-day trip? But I decided to anyway, almost embarrassed to tell the clerk who gave me a look as if to say, “You’re checking this?” I fumbled together a few words, thanking her and headed to the gate. When the flight arrived at New York I was greeted by an airline worker who informed me my bag had been lost. But I didn’t panic (thankfully my notebooks and laptop full of the next several scripts of JUSTICE LEAGUE, GREEN LANTERN and AQUAMAN were in my backpack which was with me – the latest work being an outline on the second year of Justice League). My bag wasn’t that important. Being in New York was. I’m in Manhattan to join everyone else tonight at midnight to celebrate the release of JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 at Midtown Comics. A very different JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 than I would’ve ever imagined writing. I’m known for stories that build off the rich continuity that DC has. So when the idea of an entire line-wide relaunch was discussed, I knew it would stir controversy, which I’ve never been a big fan of. I knew it would change characters I was already comfortable with. And I knew I would have to completely re-think how I was going to approach everything I was writing. But I also knew it was a chance for every writer and artist to turn their focus on the one other thing that makes DC great: its characters. This is new. And new is scary. For all of us. We’re entering into uncharted waters. But we have Aquaman to brave those waters. And Batman. And Superman. And Frankenstein, Justice League Dark, Grifter, Swamp Thing, Batgirl, the Flash, Suicide Squad, Action Comics, Batman & Robin and many, many more. It’s a challenge and a thrill to work on a relaunch for JUSTICE LEAGUE that explores these characters in a different way, spin GREEN LANTERN into a new direction starring its greatest villain Sinestro as the ring bearer and finally tackling AQUAMAN to answer that question no one knew needed answering: Who Sank Atlantis? My bag showed up at 4 a.m. this morning. I think it’s because I believe in a better tomorrow. I learned that from Superman. Geoff