(Everybody's Talkin' about) DC Comics-The New 52: Demon Knights edition, Thursday AM (ET)

(Everybody's Talkin' about) DC Comics-The New 52...

By David Hyde Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Two weeks ago, iFANBOY named the highly anticipated JUSTICE LEAGUE # 1 as their Pick of the Week and followed up last week by selecting ANIMAL MAN # 1 (which has quickly established itself as one of the critic darlings of DC Comics-The New 52). Word broke late last night that iFANBOY picked DEMON KNIGHTS for this week’s Pick of the Week, keeping alive their streak of tabbing titles from DC Comics: The New 52.

Here's what Conor Kilpatrick had to say: "This is superhero fantasy done with a modern sensibility. And it is tons of fun. Writer Paul Cornell is well matched with artist Diogenes Neves. He has a very detail intensive style that does not skimp on the backgrounds and thus does a wonderful job of setting the scene and establishing that this is indeed not a world that you are used to reading in DC comic books. There are some wonderfully frenetic action scenes in this issue that Neves handles wonderfully, and the final page is really a sight to behold." iFANBOY wasn’t the only site to pay extra attention to DEMON KNIGHTS. POP MATTERS interviewed Cornell three hours in advance of the release of the first issue. They declared: "In a heartbeat, Demon Knights is everything The Demon should always have been. A love story amidst an epic fantasy setting is an example of Cornell’s gift as a storyteller, his ability to find the edge, the new. A love triangle just propels the story beyond expectations. "DC’s New 52 is very much about a reintroduction of the classic. Sometimes characters have been forgotten, sometimes they’re weighed down by decades of continuity. But the company-wide reboot is about bringing creators and longtime readers alike into viewing these characters afresh, and to engage new readers, infecting them with the same enthusiasm the very first generation of comic book readers felt.” “'I think the New 52 reaches out to all sorts of genres', Cornell continues, 'and it say to a mainstream audience that we know they don’t just like superhero comics. Demon Knights seeks to satisfy those who like that kind of gritty, no safety net, fantasy epic'." Meanwhile, Turnstylenews.com talked to Cornell and provided a thought-provoking look at the series: “The book puts the classic Jack Kirby creation "Etrigan the Demon" -- an ill-tempered fiend with a penchant for rhyming bound by the wizard Merlin to the mortal Jason Blood, a knight of King Arthur's Round Table -- at the center of a motley group of characters in the medieval age. Ten years ago, the idea of a medieval fantasy ensemble book being part of the vanguard of a publishing initiative would have seemed preposterous. Yet, in the wake of the Lord of the Rings films, fantasy has never been stronger as a genre, and dark fantasy is newly ascendant.” Their coverage has already been picked up by the HUFFINGTON POST and other outlets. To be continued…

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