From The Editor’s Desk: Kwanza Johnson on LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN

From The Editor’s Desk: Kwanza Johnson on LEGION: SECRET...

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, October 25th, 2011
My background is in online and digital media, which folks are saying is the future of comic books. So perhaps my evangelization of new technology (i.e. not evil fax machines; bane of my existence), apprehension to papercuts and healthy diet of Millennial broadcastings are why I was assigned to edit LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN, a space saga that takes place in the 31st century of the DC Universe. Note that I wrote space saga. Despite the title LEGION often being followed by “of Super-Heroes” (always with a hyphen), this series has long been a galactic odyssey with a tapestry as vast as many other beloved sci-fi series. Looking at DC COMICS-THE NEW 52, it is clear that the line has diversified to embrace a number of other genres, but the LEGION have always been ahead of their time (pun intended) because in the future, puns are cool… unlike the word “cool,” which by three thousand--*cough cough cough*-- is insanely dated. What is not dated is the killer squad of talent that I have the pleasure of working with on the series; grand maestro of all Legion lore, Paul Levitz, two of my all-time favorite artists, Chris Batista and Marc Deering, who should draw everything involving lasers, rounded out by our hombre of hues, Wes Hartman. I am sure you’re thinking, why isn’t this jerk writing about the sprocking story? Uhm… “SECRET ORIGIN?” You may think you know how The Legion began but DC flipped the table back in August and it is still spinning in the air by the 31st century. I know because there is an app for seeing the future on my iPhone. It’s called iSee… Stuff and you can’t download it because in the future no one “downloads.” But since I have wasted your time, on the Internet, where no one wastes time, like never, how about a look at some pages from Issue 2, where a lot of cool futurery (totally a word in the future) cool stuff happens and you can go, “Wow! Look at all those future teens with powers and future!” Okay, one more sneaky bit of info; since each of the Legionnaires come from a planet where all their species have powers like theirs, what exactly makes them so special? … Ah?! Aaaah?! Find out by reading more LEGION: SECRET ORIGIN, the first issue of which hits stores tomorrow.