Q&A with Cartoon Network Action Pack Writers Rob Hoegee and Eugene Son

Q&A with Cartoon Network Action Pack Writers Rob Hoegee...

By DCE Editorial Thursday, December 1st, 2011


Did you catch the BEN 10 and GENERATOR REX crossover last weekend on Cartoon Network? If so we’ve got just the comic for you – CARTOON NETWORK ACTION PACK #65 is out this week and it’s action packed with Ben and Rex adventures. We asked the writers a few questions about the new book, here’s what they had to say: THE SOURCE: What were the challenges of bringing Generator Rex into Ben 10’s Universe? Eugene Son: They're both such great characters who've saved the world many times over in their own shows and comics, the challenge was to find a big enough adventure.  One where they're both put to the test, but yet still get a chance to really cut loose in battle and have some fun. Rob Hoegee: The biggest challenge was making sure we stayed consistent with the rules of both universes.  Rex has a pretty complicated origin and backstory, so finding a way to explain that quickly is never easy.  The good news is, Ben and Rex had already met at this point so as two old friends, they could pick right up where they left off.  The other big challenge was coming up with a plausible means of getting Rex there. TS: If you could change into any of Ben Tennyson Aliens, which one would you choose? ES: There're so many great ones - Big Chill, Humungousaur, Echo Echo, Fourarms.  But if I had to pick one, it'd be Rath. RH: I've always thought Big Chill is pretty cool. TS: How does this story tie together with the “Heroes United” TV Special? ES: This story takes place after the events of the "Heroes United" TV special.  While Heroes United had Ben going into Rex's world, this adventure has Rex going into Ben's world. RH: Story-wise they are completely separate, but this takes place not long after the events of the TV special.  In "Heroes United", Ben got a chance to see Rex's world and its differences (like no Mr. Smoothie!).  In this story, it's the other way around.  Ben is the big hero and Rex is the one feeling slightly out of place. TS: What will fans of each show be excited to read about in the new comic? ES: Because this story takes place in Ben's world, fans will get to see Rex's first meeting with Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin.  Plus fans will get to see Ben's first showdown with Rex's enemies - the Pack! RH: For Rex fans, this story fits right in with the continuity of the shows airing on Cartoon network right now.  I'm the head writer of the series and Eugene has written a ton of episodes as well, so we wanted this story to work seamlessly within the story arc of Generator Rex animated.  There might even be a few easter eggs!  For Ben fans, it's a chance to see him battle some interesting new villains. TS: Do you like writing books that are more targeted to kids? ES: It's funny to say this, but I don't approach them as being targeted for kids.  When writing stories for characters like Ben 10 and Generator Rex, I write adventures that everyone can enjoy - kids, tweens, teens, college students, parents, grandparents.  So yes, I love writing stories that kids can enjoy, but I take a lot of satisfaction knowing that these stories are for everyone. RH: I love writing all kinds of stories, but my favorite are definitely targeted to kids - and grown-ups that are kids at heart.  Kids are way more accepting of new and strange ideas.  Like a 15 year old who can grow machines out of his body.  Or a teen who can turn into countless aliens a the press of a button.