Everybody’s Talking about BEFORE WATCHMEN: FAST COMPANY Edition

Everybody’s Talking about BEFORE WATCHMEN: FAST COMPANY...

By David Hyde Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Two weeks ago, DC Entertainment officially announced BEFORE WATCHMEN, a set of seven all-new inter-connected prequel mini-series that will expand on the acclaimed WATCHMEN universe. For the first time since the official announcement, DC Entertainment Co-Publishers Jim Lee and Dan DiDio have released a statement about BEFORE WATCHMEN. “We sought out the very best writers and artists for BEFORE WATCHMEN,” DiDio said in the statement exclusively provided to FAST COMPANY. “This is a talented, fearless group who doesn’t play it safe. They are the perfect fit creatively for this ambitious project. There’s no denying that Alan Moore is a one of the great comic book writers. Dave Gibbons is one of the truly great artists in the industry. Neither of them are participating in Before Watchmen, but we appreciate Dave Gibbons’ support. We know this project will be under the magnifying lens. Watchmen is a critical favorite, a cultural touch point. We believe when fans see the issues this summer, they’ll be as excited as we are today.” “One of the key characteristics of the comic book medium is that it is not brought to life by just one voice,” Lee continued in the statement. “These universes are developed and evolved by multiple creative voices, over multiple generations. The influx of new stories is essential to keeping the universes relevant, current, and alive. Watchmen is a cornerstone of both DC Comics’ publishing history and its future. As a publisher, we’d be remiss not to expand upon and explore these characters and their stories. We’re committed to being an industry leader, which means making bold creative moves.” Head on over to FAST COMPANY for an exclusive first look at a promotional group shot of the Minutemen as illustrated by industry legend Darwyn Cooke.