Editor Matt Idelson talks I,VAMPIRE/JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Crossover

Editor Matt Idelson talks I,VAMPIRE/JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK...

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

When I, VAMPIRE writer Josh Fialkov royally messed up and killed his lead character, we had no choice but to reach out to Peter Milligan, scribe of JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK to help bail us out. What resulted was one of the first crossovers of the NEW 52, encapsulating issues #7-8 of both titles.

With Andrew dead, the very first vampire ever has arisen (in Gotham, naturally), and the JLDark need to stop a primordial force. And while the battlefront on Earth is definitely pretty intense, it's the trips to other planes of reality that are going to reveal some things about the late Mr. Bennett and change the game for both books. A member of the Dark team will be a member no longer once this is done. Actually, they won't be around to be a member.

And if I haven't put you to sleep with my blathering yet, take a gander at some of the artwork from the two titles joining to tell one story!