Exclusive First Look at Jill Thompson’s Variant Cover for THE SHADE #8

Exclusive First Look at Jill Thompson’s Variant Cover for...

By Alex Nagorski Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Last week’s issue of THE SHADE saw the ultimate showdown between Shade, La Sangre and Montpellier against The Inquisitor in Barcelona. So where will our protagonist’s journey take him next? Turn-of-the-century France!


“THE SHADE #8 is the second of three standalone ‘Times Past’ issues where we go back in time and visit crucial moments of The Shade’s past,” series editor Wil Moss told THE SOURCE. “Darwyn Cooke did a beautiful job with the first one in issue #4, and Gene Ha will bring it all home with #12. And for #8, the one-of-a-kind Jill Thompson made room in her busy schedule not only to draw the issue, but also to provide this sweet variant cover. Brilliantly colored by Trish Mulvihill, it depicts The Shade mid-battle with a demon over the very soul of Paris in 1901! But hey, don’t fret too much -- does The Shade look worried to you?”


THE SHADE #8 is written by James Robinson and is illustrated by Jill Thompson. Look for the issue in stores on May 16th and take an exclusive first look at Thompson’s variant cover below.