5.2 Reasons to Start Reading Smallville: Season 11

5.2 Reasons to Start Reading Smallville: Season 11

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, August 9th, 2012

For those who looked up toward the skies and screamed "Somebody, save me" when the CW television series "Smallville" went off the air in 2011, your cries have been answered. Your savior has arrived. Incidentally, that savior happens to be Superman, and you can find him once again on Fridays, but this time he’s doing the saving on the DC Comics Digital website.
Welcome to Smallville: Season 11, where every week brings you a new installment of the exclusive digital first comic book continuation of the popular ten-season TV series chronicling the journey of a young Clark Kent toward his destiny of becoming the world's greatest super hero.
The first "episode" of the new season recently wrapped, and on August 17 we start the next installment—which introduces a certain incredibly popular comic book character into the series. As such, we're giving you the 5.2 Reasons to Start Reading Smallville: Season 11!

1. The Show Goes On
When a television series you enjoy ends, it's devastating. Characters you grew to love and care about are gone forever once those final credits roll. But now fans can continue to look in on this world and its characters with Season 11. So we get to see what happens to Clark and Lois and Chloe and Bat— We mean, er... Well, carrying on...
2. The Adventures of Superman
In the series finale of "Smallville," Clark Kent finally donned the cape and tights and became the hero he was always meant to be. But with the end of the show, we never did get to see the Clark Kent we've known over the past ten years in the Superman role. Until now.

3. No Budget, No Holding Back
"Smallville" never lacked for big budget action or special effects when necessary, but when it comes to television, things will always be limited by what can and cannot be accomplished technically. That problem doesn't exist in comics. From the biggest action scenes to the craziest creatures imaginable, comic book storytelling allows for it all to come alive.
4. Returning Favorites
In television, often an actor will depart from a show, which pretty much removes that character from continuity. Sometimes that actor might return for a guest appearance, but it all depends on scheduling and other factors. With the comic book world, those popular characters can return and you never know who may show up next. Speaking off...

5. That Certain Incredibly Popular Character
A certain nocturnal hero with an affinity for expensive gadgets. A certain billionaire playboy that likes to hang out in caves. A certain dark knight detective that strikes fear into the hearts of criminals… It's Batman, guys. Batman finally joins the cast of "Smallville!" How awesome is that?!


So what would you like to see in the brand new season of Smallville? Sound off (or sing off, if you still have that theme song stuck in your head) in the comments below!