DC Week-In-Review: August 31st

DC Week-In-Review: August 31st

By Tim Beedle Friday, August 31st, 2012

We’re heading into Labor Day weekend, and you’d expect us to be firing up the grill, putting the sodas on ice and toasting to the end of another awesome summer. But no, there’s not much of that going on around the DC office today. Why? Well, we’re all still reeling a bit from this week. Talk about around the clock excitement! We had five extra-sized annuals hit the stands, there are some huge events brewing in the Green Lantern universe, a great new clip from DC’s latest animated feature was released and two of our biggest super heroes were caught locking lips by…oh, pretty much the whole world. It was a pretty monumental week, but let’s see if we can sum it up.


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


We actually started things off at Fan Expo in Toronto, where we announced two new titles. The first, Before Watchmen: Moloch, will serve to further expand the world of Watchmen, this time from the bad guy’s perspective. And the second, Justice League of America, boasts a great first image and perhaps an even greater cast.


With the release of GREEN LANTERN ANNUAL #1 and next week’s GREEN LANTERN #0, it’s a great time to be a Green Lantern fan. This week, we took a look at various corners of the Lantern universe, from the First Lantern, all the way to the upcoming “Rise of the Third Army” storyline:


On Monday, Matt Idelson and Pat McCallum discussed the GL universe as a whole.


On Tuesday, writer Geoff Johns joined them to discuss the first two armies: the Manhunters and the Green Lanterns.


On Wednesday, we spoke to the other three writers working on Lantern titles.


On Thursday, we gave the Green Lantern artists a moment to shine and share some thoughts.


And today, we talked to Johns and Idelson about the mysterious First Lantern.


The Green Lantern love even spilled over into 5.2 Reasons this week, which was all about why we love the Green Lantern universe (as if you couldn’t tell).


But not all our recent news concerns colorful rings, and Batman fans were happier than Harley Quinn when we announced all of the new Batman graphic novels that have been added to the iBookstore and posted a brand new clip from the upcoming “The Dark Knight Returns, Part 1.”


We also couldn’t help celebrating our hot new DC couple, especially since people the world over seem to be talking about it.


We started by partnering up with Match.com to create a pair of online dating profiles for Kal-El and Diana as well as conducting a survey through the site in which Superman was voted the world’s most kissable super hero.


Jim Lee, our Co-Publisher and artist on Justice League, shared a few thoughts on his artistic process and on what the future may hold for the couple. We also gave you a chance to win an 11” by 14” Justice League card that’s been signed by Lee. (Hurry, the contest ends on Monday!)


With a new reprint of JUSTICE LEAGUE #12 on its way, we offered you an early look at the reprint’s cover. So which cover kiss is hotter?


And speaking of hot, we wrapped up the week with this great graphic of DC’s Super Power Couples. We’ve ranked them from one to ten. So how do you think we did?


We told you it was a busy week, but the world of super heroes doesn’t sleep (and neither do those of us who work on them, apparently). That’ll do for now. Have a great three-day weekend, and we’ll see you again in seven!

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