Third Wave Spotlight: THE PHANTOM STRANGER #1

Third Wave Spotlight: THE PHANTOM STRANGER #1

By Alex Nagorski Friday, October 5th, 2012

In September, Zero Month introduced you to four all-new ongoing series: THE PHANTOM STRANGER, SWORD OF SORCERY, TALON and TEAM 7. With these #0 issues, you got a taste of the new characters and stories that will be impacting the ever-growing DC Universe.


This month, each of these four series will launch their #1 issue. To celebrate these releases, we’ve been putting a spotlight on each of these new titles every day this week on THE SOURCE. Last (but certainly not least!) up is THE PHANTOM STRANGER #1. From writer Dan DiDio and artists Brent Anderson and Philip Tan, THE PHANTOM STRANGER #1 hits stores on October 10. We asked DiDio and Anderson to tell us a little bit about their creative processes and to tease what readers can expect from issue #1. 


How did you use issue #0 to help you launch issue #1? How were your creative approaches to these two issues different?


DAN DIDIO: With issue #0, we gave you a much longer look at the Phantom Stranger’s origin than we originally planned. And while that book is a look back, issue #1 sets up a number of storylines that will play out in the course of the series.

What’s been the most fun aspect of writing/drawing and launching the new series so far?


BRENT ANDERSON: All the characters in THE PHANTOM STRANGER so far are new to me and I enjoy seeing new characters’ personalities develop under my pencil (oh, and drawing the fedora – I love that!).


DAN DIDIO: The most fun (and the most difficult) part is keeping the book focused on the character of the Phantom Stranger. In past series, the stories were mostly about other characters and how the Stranger affected their lives. With this series, every story affects the Phantom Stranger.

Do you have a ritual (music you listen to or something you eat or do to get you prepped) before approaching the writing/drawing for the series? If so, what is it?


BRENT ANDERSON: I like to watch TV series and movies on DVD that tangentially relate to the subject matter. I listen to the soundtracks and other genres of music in the same fashion.


DAN DIDIO: Long morning walks to sort out the stories. And it’s probably good that it’s early in the morning – the less people who see me talking to myself, the better!


Below, take a first look at THE PHANTOM STRANGER #1 by taking an exclusive look at some of the issue’s interior art by Anderson and Tan.