5.2 Reasons Aquaman is the Sexiest Super Hero Alive

5.2 Reasons Aquaman is the Sexiest Super Hero Alive

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, November 29th, 2012

You know that story about that person who was a geek when they were younger but then grew up to become super attractive and successful and popular? Kind of like Ryan Reynolds in "Just Friends" or Anne Hathaway's journey from the beginning of "The Princess Diaries" to becoming Catwoman at the end (that was the plot of that movie, right?).


It's a tale many of us have heard and are familiar with, and in the world of comics, we just saw fiction become reality when after years of being the butt of countless jokes, Aquaman has officially made the leap from most picked-on member of the Justice League to Sexiest Super Hero Alive—as voted by fans in MTV's Geek's recent reader poll!


The King of the Seven Seas has recently become a major force in the DC Universe. From his role in the pages of Justice League and his top-selling self-titled series to the upcoming "Throne of Atlantis" crossover event, Aquaman seems to be making a splash across the comic book world—which is why we're in complete support of his recent win and are breaking down the 5.2 Reasons Aquaman is the Sexiest Super Hero Alive!


1. He's Actually Pretty Badass

Aquaman has recently leveled up in butt-kicking—especially in the pages of his own series where he's taken on monstrous creatures from the depths, his villainous nemesis Black Manta, and soon enough, his own brother and the armies of Atlantis. However, his arguably most jaw-dropping moment came in the Justice League animated series episode "The Enemy Below," in which Orm tied Aquaman and his infant son over a vein of molten lava set to erupt. Freeing one hand and rapidly running out of time, Aquaman proceeds to CUT OFF HIS OTHER HAND in order to save his son. That, friends, is beyond hardcore. That is insanely badass. And if you think being tough doesn't make someone attractive, there's a literal legion of people in love with Batman and Wonder Woman that would like to have a word with you.


2. The Dates Would be Amazing

Some dudes might take you to a nice restaurant. Aquaman can take you to palatial restaurant deep under the sea in an area of the ocean people didn't even know exists. With his abilities, he can have the creatures of the sea put on the greatest show on Earth and make swimming with the dolphins something you do on the weekends for funzies.


3. Literally Everything He Does on "Batman: The Brave and the Bold"

Aquaman is OUTRAGEOUS-ly awesome on the Batman: The Brave and the Bold animated series. Humor can go a long way for a person, and although the comic incarnation of Aquaman can be a bit stoic, his animated counterpart is optimistic and happy-go-lucky to the point of hilarity and lovableness. He can even serenade you if you're feeling down as he did with Captain Atom and his "Rousing Song of Heroism."



4. Commitment

While Aquaman and Mera certainly have had their issues in the past **coughDeathofaPrincecough**, in The New 52 they're one of and arguably the biggest power couples in the DC Universe—an accomplishment greatly attributed to their commitment and love for one another. Together they've overcome ancestral and familial feuds and their differing views on the surface world, forming an amazing relationship and almost unbreakable bond. You can't help but respect and adore that kind of devotion.



5. He's Ripped

What is he, bench-pressing whales down there?



5.1 Seriously... Badass



5.2 Awesome Sideburns


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