'Justice League Beyond' #17 Explores Micron's Origin, Features Art by Fiona Staples

'Justice League Beyond' #17 Explores Micron'...

By Brandy Phillips Friday, January 4th, 2013


Tomorrow’s brand new chapter of JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND features the never-before-told story of Micron’s origin.  With acclaimed artist Fiona Staples on board, along with writers Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen, the book is a must-read.


The story explores Micron’s childhood, raised by a single mother and gifted from birth with the ability to change his size at will, we will follow him from birth, his awkward youth, and up to his first run-in with Superman and the Justice League.


Staples described the experience of helping tell Micron’s story as follows, "I don't often get the chance to tackle Super Hero stories, so I was grateful for the opportunity to illustrate this Micron short. I love seeing the human side of these larger-than-life characters, and thought it was quite moving that Micron learned his heroic values and courage from his hard-working mom."


Nguyen enjoyed working with Staples, stating, “Growing up on the TV series I was a huge fan, and now being able to contribute to the history of the Beyond mythos is a complete honor. And working with a roster of amazing talent like Fiona meant contributing to the book was just an added bonus.”


Fridolfs added, "With all the Beyond Origins stories, they're as much about the unsung heroes (their parents) as they are about the heroes themselves. For Micron, we get to see how he got his powers as well as the positive influence his mother had on raising him. And the surprising way it all ties back to Bruce Wayne. Fiona did a superb job of humanizing it all through her art."

Here's an exclusive preview of tomorrow's new chapter of JUSTICE LEGUE BEYOND #17.


JUSTICE LEAGUE BEYOND #17 cover by Dustin Nguyen.