DC Week-In-Review: January 18th

DC Week-In-Review: January 18th

By Tim Beedle Friday, January 18th, 2013

Maybe it’s because everyone’s excited about the new year, or perhaps people have finally gotten tired of playing with their new holiday toys, but it sure seems like there was a lot of talking taking place on and around DCComics.com this week. People were talking about our latest solicits, and wondering what may be on the other half of those gatefold covers. Creators were talking about their most recent projects and what we can expect. Arrow fans were talking about the show’s return and how long it’ll take Ollie to get back into full fighting shape. Gamers were talking about the release of Injustice: Gods Among Us, which finally got a street date. Science fiction fans were talking about Threshold, our new sci-fi comic, and Larfleeze was talking about…uh, himself.


With all that talking going on, it’s easy to miss something. That’s why we run this little review column every week. So why don’t we stop talking and get to it?


Here’s what went down this week on the DC Comics website…


The week got started in a big way with the release of our April group solicits, which arrived with the news that all of our DC COMICS – THE NEW 52 titles that month will have gatefold covers that reveal a very secret, very shocking event from that issue. (Does that mean that for once, it’s okay to judge a book by its cover?)


The April group solicits are…


Justice League



Green Lantern

The Dark

The Edge

Young Justice

Beyond DC Comics – The New 52

DC Collectibles

And of course… Vertigo


While we’re on the subject of Vertigo, have you seen Django Unchained yet? Well, are you also reading the comic? Because unless you are, you’re not getting the whole story, as evidenced by this article pointing out a few scenes in issue #1 that didn’t make it onscreen.


After that, we went from talking about our comics to…letting our talent do it! Jeff Lemire let us know what to expect from Constantine, one of the newest titles to join The New 52. We also heard from Ann Nocenti on soon-to-debut Katana. Scott Snyder discussed what the end of “Death of the Family” will mean for Batman and his family of titles. And finally, DC Comics Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras joined DC Comics Editorial Director Bobbie Chase for the inaugural edition of “B&B” a new monthly column that promises plenty of DC news and announcements from two of the folks making those announcements happen!


Speaking of announcements, did you read the one about the brand new, digital first Injustice comic book? The first issue is now available, and at 99 cents, it’s hard to beat.


You know what’s also hard to beat? Batman. Especially when he has an entire army at his disposal. Check out the most recent clip from Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, Part 2, introduced by the voice of Batman himself, Peter Weller!


On Wednesday we learned that two of our titles, Batwoman and Earth 2, have been nominated for GLAAD Media Awards. Congrats to all involved!


We also released a fun new trailer for DC Collectibles’ upcoming Green Lantern Power Battery replica. Since sitting at home and hoping you’ll be chosen as a Lantern is such an unreliable way of getting a power ring and battery.


Whether you’re a regular viewer or new to the show, you’ll definitely want to catch next week’s DC-themed episode of Syfy’s Face Off. It features a dream team of DC talent and the winning creation will appear in an issue of Justice League Dark!


On Thursday, we broke down the 5.2 Reasons it’s a Great Time to be a Green Arrow Fan. And if you’re a fan of the Emerald Archer, you’ll want to “like” our brand new Green Arrow Facebook page. It launched this week and promises all the latest news about all versions of Oliver.


Finally, we wrapped things up today by spoiling the ending of THRESHOLD #1 for you. (That’s kinda what we do in This Just Happened. So don’t click the link unless you’re cool with it.) Poor Larfleeze. We almost feel bad for the guy. Almost.


That’s it for this week, and none too soon. It’s getting late and we have some serious weekending to do. Have a great three-day, everyone, and we’ll see you again in seven!

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