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Tuesday Roundup: February 12th

Tuesday Roundup: February 12th

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

To paraphrase Slade Wilson on last week’s episode of Arrow, we like swords.

Let’s face it, blades are cool. As a weapon, there’s something almost romantic about them. They’re at the very heart of swashbuckling. What’s a pirate without his cutlass? A knight without his longsword? A general without his saber? Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that we’re looking forward to this week’s KATANA #1. Tatsu’s been a cool, quiet character in Birds of Prey that recently began showing some of her depth and humanity in that comic’s most recent storyline. Now, as she headlines her own ongoing title, we’re about to be treated to far more. How’d she become such a cold, focused killer? Where’d she get such an amazing sword? And is that really the soul of her husband in that thing?

Written by Ann Nocenti and drawn by Alex Sanchez, Katana #1 hits stores this Wednesday, but you can get your first look at it below. Also dropping on Wednesday is BATMAN #17, which concludes Snyder and Capullo’s Joker tale, “Death of the Family.” If you’ve been reading the storyline so far, and especially if you’ve also been reading the tie-in stories in titles like Nightwing, Batgirl and Batman and Robin, you know that it’s all been leading to this. It’s time to learn just what the Joker’s cooked up for Batman and his companions. If you’ve been wondering what’s in those serving dishes, you’re about to find out.



Of course, those are but two of the full plethora of titles we have coming out this week. You can also look for BEFORE WATCMEN: COMEDIAN #5, BATGIRL #17, THRESHOLD #2, SUICIDE SQUAD #17 and more. Check out our previews below and we’ll see you in the shops!

Here’s what hit the web this past week…

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USA TODAY ran an exclusive preview of KATANA #1 and interviewed writer Ann Nocenti.


/FILM ran an exclusive preview of DJANGO UNCHAINED #2.

MTV GEEK ran an exclusive preview of DEMON KNIGHTS #17.

IGN ran an exclusive preview of SUPERBOY #17.

POPMATTERS ran an exclusive preview of TEAM 7 #5.

CBS’ MAN CAVE ran an exclusive preview of SUICIDE SQUAD #17.

COMIC BOOK RESOURCES ran an exclusive preview of BATGIRL #17.

NEWSARAMA ran an exclusive preview of BATMAN AND ROBIN #17.

COMIC VINE ran an exclusive preview of THE RAVAGERS #9.


GAMMA SQUAD ran an exclusive preview of DEATHSTROKE #17.

The DC Comics website ran previews of BATMAN: ARKHAM UNHINGED #11, SAUCER COUNTRY #12, and THRESHOLD #2.

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