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5.2 Reasons Earth 2 is Blowing Our Minds

5.2 Reasons Earth 2 is Blowing Our Minds

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, March 14th, 2013

Pack your theoretical bags and don’t forget your magic-repellant enchantments and custom-made Jay Garrick Flash helmet because this week we're taking a little trip over to EARTH 2—home to the re-imagined members of the Justice Society of America!

The first issue alone had us salivating for more and with each new character appearance and plot twist, we need to chug more and more water to replenish all those lost fluids (cause of, you know, the salivating). What makes this series so awesome? Well, with the first volume collection hitting stores this week, we thought it would be a good time to give you the 5.2 Reasons Why Earth 2 is Blowing Our Minds!

1. A World without Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman...

The opening salvo of EARTH 2 introduced us to alternate versions of the Big Three of DC—engaged in an all-out brawl of insurmountable odds against the hordes of Apokolips. This isn't necessarily new for Supes, Bats, and, uh, Wondy, but whereas normally they've got friends helping them, this time they're on their own... and their victory came at a terrible price as in the first issue, the Big Three of DC get straight up murdered! How’s that for a plot twist Shyamalan?

2. ... But Not a World without Heroes

Sure the Big Three are gone, but that doesn't mean that Earth 2 threw up its metaphorical hands and went “Screw it, we’re out.” That would make for a very, very short series. The consequences and repercussions of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman’s sacrifice lead to the emergence of an all-new generation of heroes, including the Flash Jay Garrick, Green Lantern Alan Scott, Hawkgirl Kendra Saunders, the Atom Al Pratt, and more.

3. A Whole New World

However, though the names and powers might seem familiar, this isn't the same JSA of old. We've got a young Jay Garrick just discovering his powers (granted to him by a freakin’ god no less), a very different Alan Scott as an avatar of the Green, a military man version of Al Pratt, a gun-totting Hawkgirl, a villainous Fury, and much more we don't even know yet. With a whole new world to play with, the possibilities are endless.


4. Welcome Home, Mr. Robinson

Speaking of endless possibilities on a whole new world, who better to weave those webs than James Robinson? Robinson gained much praise and popularity for his work with Earth 2 on such titles as JSA, THE GOLDEN AGE and STARMAN. It's very obvious to anyone who reads his work that he has a deep-seeded love for these characters, so it's especially exciting to see him not only back on Earth 2 but also re-imagining these characters for a new age.


5. Wardrobe Change

One of the coolest things about the series is seeing the multitude of cosmetic changes that have been made to the costumes of these characters. Check out some of them below!