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5.2 Reasons to Join Suicide Squad

5.2 Reasons to Join Suicide Squad

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, May 9th, 2013

Sometimes you need to be bad to do good—and when it comes to being bad, the criminal members of the Suicide Squad are about as bad as they come.

As villains forced to take on missions in order to shave time off their incredibly long prison sentences, the Suicide Squad is a volatile group by its nature. Throw in members like the deranged Harley Quinn, the sadistic Unknown Soldier, the insanely deadly King Shark, and more, and you’re looking at a situation more explosive than a Michael Bay film.

Wednesday’s SUICIDE SQUAD #20 marked a perfect jumping on point for new readers, with the introduction of a brand new creative team and the addition of a great and twisted new team member—which is why this week we’re giving you the 5.2 Reasons to Join the Suicide Squad!

SPOILER ALERT! Spoilers for SUICIDE SQUAD #20 follow below! Proceed with caution!


1. The Squad’s Newest Recruit

The big twist from this week’s issue came with the revelation of James Gordon Jr.—you may know him as the so-very-completely-insane son of Commissioner James Gordon—and if you don’t please go read THE BLACK MIRROR right now—joining the team. The team’s already full of crazies, but this guy not only puts them to shame, but is also terrifyingly intelligent.

2. Team Dynamics

As mentioned, one of the interesting things about Suicide Squad is watching these groups of criminals interact. This often leads to confrontations both hilarious and violent (sometimes simultaneously if Harley is involved). Heck, issue #20 already saw the Unknown Soldier graphically beating the heck out of Voltaic, which also reminds us...

3. Pretty Much Anyone Can Die

There have already been a lot of causalities throughout course of the series, and with his first issue, writer Ales Kot is keeping that tradition up by having Voltaic literally explode while on the operating room table. At this point there’s a wicked combination of waiting to see who’s going to be next and exactly how they’re going to go.

4. Patrick Zircher on Art

While we can certainly talk about the effectiveness of the details and page layout in the above-mentioned death scene, it’s the little things that make Zircher’s art shine—namely, the fine changes in facial expressions that can convey so much. Just a simple crease in the forehead that wasn’t there before can express so much.

5. Jason Pearson Covers

Yup. Jason Pearson is doing the covers. Take a look:

5.1 Creative Sound Effects

5.2 Harley’s Bedwear is Adorable


What did you think of the new issue of Suicide Squad? What villains would you love to see on the team? Let us know in the comments!