Van Jensen Talks GREEN LANTERN CORPS #21

Van Jensen Talks GREEN LANTERN CORPS #21

By Alex Nagorski Wednesday, May 15th, 2013

Next month, New York Times bestselling series GREEN LANTERN CORPS will welcome aboard the creative team of co-writers Robert Venditti and Van Jensen and artist Bernard Chang. Kicking off with issue #21, the fan-favorite title will be going in a bold and explosive all-new direction.

But what’s in store for GREEN LANTERN CORPS following the conclusion of the “Wrath of the First Lantern” story arc?

“There's definitely some heavy stuff that's just gone down with the Green Lantern Corps,” Jensen teased to COMIC VINE. “A big thing we want to do is focus on where things are, what the new status quo is and how it affects these characters. We're definitely building up on that and picking up the pieces where they are. Going forward, I think maybe there's a shift in tone. We're going to try to go back a little bit to a sort of high adventure feel. I think the Green Lantern books have been great. They've been maybe a little darker in the past than where they're going to be headed for. We're trying to return it a little more to the 60s and 70s era Green Lantern feel.”

As for what that means for series protagonist John Stewart?

“He's a pretty fascinating character just in how much stuff has happened to him. As the central character of this book, the first issue is all about setting a new starting point for him … It's more about figuring out where he is. He's gone through these things that have affected all of the Corps, but he's also gone through some changes on an individual level,” Jensen told COMIC BOOK RESOURCES. “One of the most interesting things is that he has this military background, and there is some history in his military experience with him questioning the leadership and what his place is in the Marines. That's a great analogy for what's been going on with the Corps and the Guardians. Things there have changed to a significant degree. But John has always been the good solider – which is funny because soldiers and Marines are different things – but what happens to the good soldier when he realizes that the higher ups are not reputable? John is taking a moment here to be introspective and wonder what he wants out of his future and whether that will include the Corps.”

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