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5.2 Reasons We’re Ready to Return to Earth One

5.2 Reasons We’re Ready to Return to Earth One

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, May 16th, 2013

He’s hinted and he’s teased, but at a press event in Burbank last Thursday highlighting his long and illustrious career, award-winning writer Grant Morrison finally announced the Wonder Woman-related project he’s been working on with superstar artist Yanick Paquette: the original graphic novel WONDER WOMAN: EARTH ONE!

Part of the ongoing line of OGNs that began with the best-selling SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE by J. Michael Straczynski and continuing with the also best-selling BATMAN: EARTH ONE by Geoff Johns, the upcoming graphic novel re-imagines and retells the origins of the Amazon Princess in a modern day setting and delivers twists and turns to the classic mythos while still staying true to the character’s roots.

The announcement got us thinking back on what’s come already and looking forward to what’s still on the horizon. And the more that time passes, the ever more eager we’ve become for a return trip to through the metaphorical rabbit (worm?) hole—which is why this week we’re giving you the 5.2 Reasons We’re Ready to Return to Earth One!

1. Grant Morrison Writing Wonder Woman

Morrison has tackled his fair share of characters over the years—from incredibly recognizable and iconic like Superman and Batman to at-the-time downright obscure and strange (Animal Man, literally every member of Doom Patrol). However, beyond her brief appearances in FINAL CRISIS and in other titles he’s written, Morrison hasn’t really tackled a story based completely on the Amazon Princess.


2. Yanick Paquette on Art

We’ve always been fans of Yanick’s art, and he’s no stranger to working with Grant, having done so previously on titles such as RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE and SEVEN SOLDIERS. However, if this preview page is any indication, we’re in for a major treat since it looks like he’ll be incorporating some of the stylistic designs he utilized in SWAMP THING in the upcoming graphic novel. The whole thing has a bit of a PROMETHEA feel to it, a comic semi-influenced by the Wonder Woman mythos written by Alan Moore (another writer Yanick has worked with).

3. Superman vs. Lex Luthor(s)

He wasn’t the villain in Volume 1 and he didn’t throw down with the Man of Steel in Volume 2, but in Superman Earth One Volume 3, Superman finally takes on his archenemy Lex Luthor—both the male and female version at that! In a mind-bendingly awesome twist, the finale of Superman Earth One Vol. 2 revealed the Luthor Twins! And speaking of villainous reveals...

4. Batman Solves his First Riddle

An all-around phenomenally told story about the Dark Knight with one of the greatest interpretations of Alfred ever, Batman Earth One Volume 1 ended with a questionable cliffhanger reveal. The question? Could it possibly be any awesomer than it is? The answer’s no. It’s beyond awesome and we can’t wait to see the Batman take on the Riddler in Volume 2.

5. Great Creators, Great Characters

With JMS, Morrison, and Johns already working on titles with artists like Shane Davis, Yanick Paquette, and Gary Frank, the Earth One line of graphic novels has set the bar on the types of creative talent we’ll be seeing. There’s a lot of great creators out there and we can’t wait to see who’ll tackle a re-imagined character next.


5.1 A Potential Team-Up of the Big Three of Earth One


5.2 Future Earth One Titles Still to Come


What do you like about the Earth One line? What are you looking forward to seeing in Morrison’s Wonder Woman? What characters do you want to see join the Earth One line? Let us know in the comments below!