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5.2 Reasons Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern Run Shines Bright

5.2 Reasons Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern Run Shines Bright

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

We often get told that all good things must come to an end—because otherwise we’d be happy all the time and dang if the universe is going to have any of that malarkey. Even still, we like to believe that maybe, just maybe, this once, the good thing we love so much will just keep on going.

Sadly, universal fact proves true once again.

Yesterday’s release of GREEN LANTERN #20 marked the end of an era for the ring slinging Corps. After nearly a decade on the title, acclaimed writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns resigned his ring and passed on the mantle of mastermind behind the Green Lantern Universe.

It’s a sad and bittersweet moment (curse you, universe!) but while Johns may have made his leave, his legacy on the title shines on—and quite brightly at that.

From Hal Jordan’s re-induction to the Corps to the Sinestro Corps War to Blackest Night and Wrath of the First Lantern, Johns crafted a tale that spanned the entirety of the DC Universe and changed the landscape of the Green Lantern Corps forever. So, as we bid a final farewell, we decided to take a look back through Johns’ Green Lantern magnum opus and bring you 5.2 Reasons Geoff Johns’ Green Lantern Run Shines Bright!


1. Character Growth

Johns has always been a big fan of character-driven storytelling, and with his Green Lantern run, readers got exactly that with massive character growth from not only Hal Jordan but his old enemy Sinestro as well. Sinestro’s line of “We’ll always be friends,” is right up there with Spock’s famous “I have been, and always shall be, your friend.” It’s a fantastic moment that wholly exemplifies the relationship between Sinestro and Hal.

2. The Emotional Spectrum

Before there was only the Green Lantern Corps. Now, there’s a whole spectrum of emotion and colors that fuel various other Corps throughout the galaxy. There’s just something fun and cool about debating and discussing with your friends which Corps some of the DCU’s heroes and villains would belong in—and which ones you would find yourself in as well.

3. Epic Events

From the recent game-changing events of “Wrath of the First Lantern” to the frightening horrors in “Blackest Night” to just about everything about “Sinestro Corps War,” Johns gave us an action-based space opera that both grew the mythos of the Green Lantern Corps but also tied it into countless aspects of the greater DCU. We still remember the fanboy glee and chills we felt with the Anti-Monitor reveal from “Sinestro Corps War.”