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The Easiest Way to Bring Man of Steel to Life (Without Going to Krypton)

The Easiest Way to Bring Man of Steel to Life (Without...

By Tim Beedle Wednesday, June 5th, 2013

Let’s face it, as a comic book fan, it’s not easy to impress your friends.

Sure, you may have a mint condition first printing of the Riddler’s debut appearance in Detective Comics #140, or a copy of Swamp Thing #37 with Rick Veitch’s signature and a sketch of John Constantine on the cover. Heck, you could possess every single issue of Superman ever published, and it’s unlikely to garner more than a shrug from your non-comic reading friends. And as for your fellow comic collectors… Well, they probably have their own equally impressive collections.

That’s what makes the current Man of Steel prop replica sweepstakes so cool. By the end of the summer, all of your friends will have seen Man of Steel, whether they’re comic book readers or not. That means they’ll appreciate the two Man of Steel replicas on display in your house, if you’re lucky enough to win them.

Everyone recognizes the glyph above. But what you’re looking at here is a direct replica of the iconic red “S” as worn by Henry Cavill in the film. We’ve framed it up for you, but if you’re so inclined, you could open it up and wear it on your chest to the film (though that may be taking things a little too far). Also, remember that on Krypton, this symbol means hope. So this isn’t just an awesome piece of Superman memorabilia—it’s an inspiring piece.

We’ve heard a few collectors tell us that their collections have gotten out of hand. Well, this unique replica should put you back in command. That’s a Kryptonian command key, and it plays an important role in the film (there’s a reason it shows up in the trailer). And while we can’t promise you that this key will unlock any Kryptonian secrets for you, it will certainly inspire some Kryptonian-themed conversation.

Oh, and did we mention that both of these great replicas are signed by Zack Snyder, the director of Man of Steel? Winning this sweepstakes is the best way to bring Man of Steel to life in your household. (At least without making a trip to Krypton.)

As for entering the sweepstakes, the easiest way to do that is to buy tickets to Walmart’s Man of Steel Premiere Night screening, which allows you to not only enter the sweepstakes, but also see Man of Steel before its official release date of June 14, 2013. Click here for more information on the screening, or head on over here for further details on the sweepstakes. Good luck!