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5.2 Reasons Batman: Zero Year Already Excites

5.2 Reasons Batman: Zero Year Already Excites

By Kevin Mahadeo Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Like Marty McFly, Kyle Reese, and Wyld Stallyns Bill S. Preston, Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan, we’re going back in time as the critically acclaimed creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo takes readers to the early days of the Dark Knight with the near yearlong epic, Batman: Zero Year.

The 11-part storyline began with the June 12 release of Batman #21, and as usual with Snyder and Capullo, it already has us as hooked as the mid-90s Aquaman.

From action to intrigue to always amazing art, we’re breaking down the 5.2 Reasons Batman: Zero Year Already Excites!


1. That Beginning Sequence

We have no idea why Gotham City looks the way it does in the opening pages of issue #21, but we seriously can’t wait to find out. The abandoned buildings, the flooded subways, the overgrown weeds, the place looks downright dystopian; however, unlike so many other stories that take place in that sort of world, the creative team shies away making everything dark and gloomy and instead utilizes a very vibrant color palate. In fact, as a whole, we’re seeing...


2. A Very Different Gotham

Batman readers are sort of used to a rundown, dark and grim Gotham, one heavy with shadow and almost perpetually set to “(k)nighttime.” With Zero Year, Snyder and Company give us a Gotham soaked in bright, poppy color. It’s a Gotham unlike any we’ve seen before, setting the tone for a Batman story unlike any we’ve seen before.

3. That Aforementioned Always Amazing Art

We’ve said it before (in this very feature even!), but man, it bears repeating over and over again: Greg Capullo’s art continues to blow us away, every issue, every page, every panel.

4. The Globe-Hopping Adventures of Bruce Wayne

In the first of the continuing series of backup tales, we learn the answer to a question posited in the main story: where the hell did he learn to drive? First off, brilliant title. Secondly, the tale is illustrated by American Vampire artist extraordinaire Rafael Albuquerque. Lastly, we love the idea of seeing exactly how Bruce learned the various skills he obtained during his globetrotting years. It’s a fun look into details of how exactly Batman began.

5. The Giant Penny

This is more of a fan moment, but almost every single Batman enthusiast knows about the giant penny that sort of just chills out in the Batcave. However, the question of its origins remains shrouded in mystery—until now! Arguably, it’s just as exciting to see the story behind the Giant Penny as it is to see the early days of the Dark Knight. Yes, we’ve hit a new level of nerdiness, and it’s great.