First Look at GREEN ARROW #25

First Look at GREEN ARROW #25

By Alex Nagorski Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

This November, Oliver Queen will head to Gotham City.

A BATMAN: ZERO YEAR tie-in issue, GREEN ARROW #25 finds Oliver becoming Green Arrow for the first time! In the gallery above, take a look at Andrea Sorrentino’s interior art for the issue, which depicts “Zero Year”-era Killer Moth (in his New 52 debut!), Diggle facing off against Killer Moth to protect Oliver’s mother, Moira (also making her New 52 debut!), and “Zero Year”-era Green Arrow and Batman teaming up to fight Killer Moth!

Plus, GREEN ARROW #25 will also include a backup story starring fan-favorite character, Diggle! From series writer Jeff Lemire and artists Denys Cowan and Bill Sienkiewicz, this story details the partnership that Green Arrow and Diggle had following the events of “Zero Year,” and sets up the mystery of what drove them apart – which will have BIG repercussions in GREEN ARROW in 2014! Get a sneak peek at the interior art for this story in the gallery above.

“We get to see Ollie just coming back from the island, and he discovers that his mother, Moira Queen, is stuck in Gotham when everything goes down,” series writer Jeff Lemire told IGN about GREEN ARROW #25. “So he goes to try and get her out. And that's when you meet Diggle for the first time. He's Moira's bodyguard in the comic in those early years. That's where he and Ollie first meet, and Batman shows up, of course. So we get to see Batman and Diggle together, which is kind of cool. And then it all grows from there."

For more from Lemire and actor David Ramsey about what’s coming up for Diggle both in the pages of GREEN ARROW and on the silver screen in The CW’s Arrow, check out these interviews that recently ran with the duo.

Don’t miss GREEN ARROW #25 when it shoots into stores on November 6, and be sure to tune into The CW for the season two premiere of Arrow at 8 PM (EST) tonight.