First Look at BATMAN/SUPERMAN #5

First Look at BATMAN/SUPERMAN #5

By Alex Nagorski Thursday, October 10th, 2013

This November, welcome artist Brett Booth to BATMAN/SUPERMAN!

Beginning with issue #5, Booth joins writer Greg Pak to tell the ongoing adventures of the Dark Knight and Man of Steel. This launch issue starts as the ultimate video game, in which the players don’t realize that the characters they’re controlling are fighting in real life! Will it be game over for Batman? Meanwhile, Superman must deal with a treacherous new foe known as Metallo. But how are these two stories connected?

“It's back to the modern times,” Booth told COMIC BOOK RESOURCES about his debut arc. “Batman and Superman are basically drawn into this big fighting thing, and so they'll be fighting a bunch of people you know, and some you don't know -- most of them that you know, some that you might not have seen yet. Metallo's in it, Nightwing's in it. There are a couple of other characters that I don't want to mention. I'm looking forward to it.”

“As we move into the present, we’re also going to have some fun building a supporting cast. Batman and Superman each have separate supporting casts, which are fantastic. But we’re looking to develop few characters who are really the supporting crew for Batman and Superman when they team up together. I’ve always loved exploring supporting casts, so I’m having a blast with this,” Pak explained to COMICOSITY. “The biggest challenge might be to come up with stories and adversaries that provide distinct physical and emotional challenges for both Batman and Superman. Of course, grappling with that is a huge part of what makes working on the book so much fun.”

In the gallery above, take a look at some of Booth’s stunning interior art for BATMAN/SUPERMAN #5, which will be presented entirely sideways to convey a widescreen feel. And in case you missed it, check out DC Comics’ Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras’ spotlight on the issue. Then, head over to COMIC VINE to see their exclusive debut of the issue’s variant covers! 

BATMAN/SUPERMAN #5 hits the spinner rack on November 6th.