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Beyond the Scenes: Aquagirl Returns to the Justice League

Beyond the Scenes: Aquagirl Returns to the Justice League

By Alex Antone Monday, October 28th, 2013

SPOILER ALERT: The following contains plot points from Saturday’s Justice League Beyond 2.0 #6. Read at your own risk!

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Hey there, Beyonders! This week’s blog post covers both JLB 2.0 #5 and #6, so welcome back for a special double duty edition of BEYOND THE SCENES!

Joining me is writer Christos Gage, who’s set up what should be an explosive (pun intended!) upcoming conclusion to the first story arc.

Christos, we haven’t seen a whole lot of Aquagirl since Chapter 1, which makes sense after she was nearly disintegrated by Superman’s heat vision. But toward the end of Chapter 6, Aquagirl takes center stage when she saves Batman and the Flash from two Superman robots! Now that she appears to be back at full strength, will we be seeing more Aquagirl moving forward?

Christos Gage: A lot of people seemed to like Aquagirl's big moment. I'm glad, because I wanted to really show how powerful she is. She can control water! What does that mean? Can she animate snow and ice giants? Can she make it rain or hail? If she was a nastier person, could she kill someone by dehydrating them? Our bodies are something like 60% water! So she's definitely going to have more moments like this.

Back up there a moment, Christos. What about Superman’s battle with Jax-Ur in the Phantom Zone? Jax-Ur was revealed as the big bad in Chapter 4, but we haven’t had any explanation yet as to how Jax has returned in the first place. Any clues as to how that’s possible?

CG: When last seen in the animated universe, Jax-Ur was being sucked into a black hole. How he escaped and ended up back in the Phantom Zone may have something to do with the technology he and his son are using...

That’s it! We’ve already said too much. Come back in a week when we discuss the next chapter of Batman Beyond 2.0 – and don’t miss JLB 2.0 #7 in two weeks! 

See you in the Beyond!