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DC Collectibles 101: The 6 Steps to Making an Action Figure

DC Collectibles 101: The 6 Steps to Making an Action Figure

By Tim Beedle Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Welcome back to DCU, students. Our summer term is now in session. As you may recall, last semester Professor Bruce Wayne taught us all about the anatomy of action figures, covering the four common action figure joints and illustrating where each one could be found by way of a handy, beautifully designed chart.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to quiz you on a prior lesson so early in the semester, but since you responded so well to his visual aid, Professor Wayne has assisted us in creating another helpful infographic—this time illustrating the six steps involved in assembling a new action figure. Let’s review, shall we?

Seems straightforward enough, right? Just to review, any student who would like to examine the chart in closer detail need only click on it. Also, the action figure Professor Wayne has chosen to use in this illustration is once again the DC Comics Designer Series: Batman by Greg Capullo Action Figure. (Mr. Wayne seems to really have a thing for Batman. So strange, isn’t it?) If you’re interested in obtaining this figure for further study, you can find it for sale right now in the campus bookstore and at a comic or specialty store near you.