COMIC VINE announces new talent joining Tom Taylor on EARTH 2!

COMIC VINE announces new talent joining Tom Taylor on EARTH...

By Clark Bull Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

COMIC VINE just announced that Andy Smith will replace Nicola Scott as artist of the comic book series EARTH 2 starting in October with issue #27, and joining Tom Taylor on writing duties will be Marguerite Bennett.

“I want to say a huge thank you to Nicola for everything she's brought to Earth 2 and for everything she leaves behind,” Taylor told COMIC VINE. "Nic has spent years helping to shape an entire world and its heroes.

As World's End begins, I'm rapt to be working closely on the monthly book with another friend and great talent, Marguerite Bennett. And everything I've seen of Andy Smith's work tells me that Nicola is leaving our world in great hands."

Smith continued praising Scott’s tenure on EARTH 2. “I have some big shoes to fill in regards to Nicola's work on the book. She has done a magnificent job of visually creating and designing Earth 2. She has laid down a very solid foundation with the characters and settings that I hope to build upon."

EARTH 2 #27, written by Tom Taylor and Marguerite Bennett and illustrated by Andy Smith, arrives on October 8th.

Check out the cover by Gary Frank above. For more details, head on over to COMIC VINE.