People are talking about THE MULTIVERSITY!

People are talking about THE MULTIVERSITY!

By Clark Bull Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Grant Morrison’s THE MULTIVERSITY #1 hit shelves today, and everyone is reading into the layers a little differently. And that’s exactly what Morrison wants! You, the reader, are part of the story.

So where to start? So far, WIRED  and USA TODAY ran exclusive previews of THE MULTIVERSITY #1 along with interviews with Morrison, while LA TIMES HERO COMPLEX and PASTE MAGAZINE ran in-depth features on Morrison. Stop by each and get a little deeper into the history and background of this much-anticipated miniseries!

Not sure what the Multiverse is? DC ALL ACCESS ran a bonus clip focusing on Morrison’s Map of the Multiverse. Take a guided visual tour and see how THE MULTIVERSITY fits, complete with references to your favorite DC Comics titles.

Want to learn more about Earth 2? Earth 23? Earth 0? Head on over to DCMULTIVERSITY.COM and visit each world yourself.

And notable reviews can be already be found on COMIC VINE, NEWSARAMA, COMICOSITY, INSIDE PULSE, ADVENTURES IN POOR TASTE and more. But there’s some spoilers along the way, so beware! A spoiler-filled page-by-page annotated tour can be taken at COMICS ALLIANCE.

Have you read THE MULTIVERISTY #1 for yourself yet?

It’s not too late! THE MULTIVERSITY #1, written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado, is on spinner racks now.


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