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Announcing the Ultimate Harley Quinn Fan Giveaway

Announcing the Ultimate Harley Quinn Fan Giveaway

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015


As you may have heard, February is Harley Quinn month here at DC Comics. But as fun as celebrating Ms. Quinn may be, it wouldn’t be a proper party without a few gifts. How do these sound?

  • One DC Heroes Skelanimals Harley Quinn Marcy 12-Inch Plush
  • One Harley & The Joker Hug Girls T-Shirt
  • One Harley Quinn Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles
  • One Harley Quinn Themed Crossbody Wallet
  • One Harley Quinn Robe

You may remember that Harley wallet was a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, so it’s not easy to get, while the Skelanimals plush is no longer available and going for prices so high online that…well, even the Penguin would be ashamed. Actually, most of the above items are no longer available in stores, and that’s not even all we brought.

You can click here for the full list. But the question is… who should we give them to?                                      

We’re sure Harley would want to claim them for herself, or perhaps get into the Valentine’s Day spirit and offer them up to her puddin’. But we’d rather give them to one of you. Allow us to introduce the Ultimate Harley Quinn Fan Giveaway, a new sweepstakes celebrating all things Quinn. It’s easy to enter, just click here for the official form.

Good luck, and be sure to stop by all month long for more great Harley stuff!