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EXCLUSIVE: Get Your First Look at Batman '66's Harley Quinn in Action

EXCLUSIVE: Get Your First Look at Batman '66's...

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

This is NOT the same Bat-Time or Bat-Channel! In this week’s digital first BATMAN ’66 Chap. #62, the Caped Crusader matches wits with a villainess who didn’t even exist when the classic TV show was on the airwaves.


Harley Quinn was created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm in 1992. But tomorrow’s digital first BATMAN ’66 Chap. #62 will give us a glimpse of what the popular villain might have been like if she’d been around in 1966, and mixing things up with Adam West and Burt Ward on the Batman television series. Written by Jeff Parker, with art by Lukas Ketner and Kelly Fitzpatrick, the done-in-one chapter imagines a roller skating former doctor in granny glasses who goes by the more straightforward moniker of “The Harlequin.”

Curious about what else this retro-reimagining may have in store for you? Then check out our exclusive preview below, and be sure to download Batman ’66 Chap. #62 tomorrow, or grab the print edition when it’s released on July 22, 2015 as BATMAN ’66 #25.

BATMAN ‘66 #25

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