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The #DCTV Secrets of GOTHAM: Ep. 2.6 "By Fire"

The #DCTV Secrets of GOTHAM: Ep. 2.6 "By Fire"

By Paul Malmont Monday, October 26th, 2015

There are a lot of secrets in the world of DC Comics and we know what they are. We’re here to tease you with all the #DCTV Secrets hiding in each episode. If you really want to know some of the answers to these questions, check out the spoiler section... if you dare.

Let's fire up some secrets!

The best laid plans of cats and cops go up in flames this week as many characters both good and bad learn the importance of freedom—and how easily we lose it if we don't hold onto it.

Also worth holding onto? This week's #DCTV Secrets you’ll be talking about tomorrow:

  • Firebug or Firefly?
  • The non-Leroy Jenkins


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Don’t go any further if you don’t want to know any more.  But of course you do and you will.




What's in a Name?

Last week, we saw the birth of a Gotham City criminal as Bridget Pike set the town aflame. However, it was this week that she received a supervillain name—or two. Gordon called her Firebug while Captain Barnes referred to her as Firefly. Both these characters exist in the comics as fire-friendly Gotham City supervillains.

Joe Rigger first appeared as Firebug in Batman #318 while another version of the character, Harlan Combs, debuted later in Gotham Central #3.

Similarly, two people have taken the moniker of Firefly: Garfield Lyons in Detective Comics #184 and Ted Carson in Batman #126.

A Dark Knight on Jenkins

Bullock tells Gordon that Selina Kyle has been holed in a Single Resident Occupancy off Jenkins. Like many previous street names in the show, this one may be named after a well-known Batman scribe: Paul Jenkins, who most recently wrote Batman: The Dark Knight with artist David Finch.

See you next week!


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