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The #DCTV Secrets of SUPERGIRL Ep. 3: "Fight or Flight"

The #DCTV Secrets of SUPERGIRL Ep. 3: "Fight or Flight...

By Kevin Mahadeo Monday, November 9th, 2015

Supergirl may bring hope to National City but her new series brings along with it secrets from throughout comic book history. We're here to tease you with all the #DCTV Secrets hiding in each episode. If you really want to know some of the answers to these questions, check out the spoiler section for super answers.

The secret of Superman's alter ego gets spilled to one of those closest to Kara but that's not the only secret from this week's episode! Here are the #DCTV Secrets you'll want to spill tomorrow's coffee room convos:

  • Who is Reactron?
  • Where is Bakerline?
  • What's up with James Olsen's watch?
  • Who is Lucy Lane?

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Don’t go any further if you don’t want to know any more.  But of course you do and you will.





How to React to Reactron

This week sees the introduction of DC Comics supervillain Reactron, a notorious enemy of both Superman and Supergirl that first appeared in THE DARING NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL #8. With the ability to generate lethal radiation, Reactron played a massively integral and deadly role in the crossover event SUPERMAN: NEW KRYPTON.

Bakerline Nuclear Power Station

If Jimmy Olsen seemed to recognize the power station where Benjamin Krull and his wife Alicia worked, it wasn't just because Superman saved it from terrorists. In the comics, Jimmy Olsen hails from Bakerline, one of the six boroughs of Metropolis.

Is That a Superman Signal Watch?

Comic fans might have recognized the special watch James Olsen showed Kara that allows him to signal Superman for help whenever he finds himself in trouble. The famous watch first made its appearance in ACTION COMICS #238 and became a permanent and well-known fixture in the adventures of Superman's Pal during the Silver Age of comics.

More Than Just Lois' Sister

Lucy Lane first appeared in SUPERMAN’S PAL JIMMY OLSEN #36 and became a major romantic interest for the Daily Planet photographer. The younger sister of Lois Lane, Lucy ended up encountering her fair share of supervillains throughout her history and featured heavily in the storyline "Supergirl: Who is Superwoman?" 

See you next week, Superfans!