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Preview Monday: Harley Quinn #15!

Preview Monday: Harley Quinn #15!

By Nicole Valdez Monday, February 27th, 2017

Welcome back for another installment of Preview Monday. This week, we bring you a special look at HARLEY QUINN #15!

In this week’s issue of HARLEY QUINN, a new villain named Zorcrom has arrived, with demands for the people of Earth to surrender and make him their leader! Harley’s new friend Atlee can stop him, but she needs time to gather the other great protectors of Strata. Luckily, Harley has a gift for stalling. 

As Atlee takes off to gather more forces, Harley decides to explain to Zorcrom why taking over Earth seems like a lousy job. As she shows him Central Park and attempts to talk him out of his plans (seriously, who wants that responsibility?) Zorcrom might be having second thoughts on being the supreme leader of Earth. Find out more in this week’s HARLEY QUINN #15 from writers Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti and artists Khari Evans, John Timms, Joseph Michael Linsner, Alex Sinclair (colors) and Dave Sharpe (letters).