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Preview Monday: Batgirl Annual #1!

Preview Monday: Batgirl Annual #1!

By Nicole Valdez Monday, March 27th, 2017

Welcome back for another installment for Preview Monday! This week, we give you a special look at BATGIRL ANNUAL #1.

In this week’s issue of BATGIRL, it’s a two story- special! Batgirl and Supergirl team up to break into a Cadmus black site to solve a mystery. What they discover—and who they discover—will lead them to more questions than answers. After a known criminal breaks free, Batgirl must choose between her relationships and saving the world. How will she balance spending time with the people she loves and the criminals that are determined to destroy Gotham? Check out this story from writer Hope Larson and artists Inaki Miranda, Eva De La Cruz and Deron Bennett. 
And before Batgirl’s vacation East, she was working overtime keeping bad guys like Riot Black off the street. Feeling exhausted and overworked, she realized how little time she’s spent with her friends, the people she cares about the most. How can she learn to balance being a superhero and being a great friend? Find out in this story from writer Vita Ayala with art by Eleonora Carlini and Mat Lopes.
You can find both of these Batgirl tales in this week’s BATGIRL ANNUAL #1!

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