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Doom Patrol: Gerard Way's Official Playlist

Doom Patrol: Gerard Way's Official Playlist

By DCE Editorial Friday, June 23rd, 2017

When life stops making sense, you can always count on music. Perhaps it’s inevitable, then, that the chaos of Gerard Way and Nick Derington’s DOOM PATROL would yield—or maybe even require—an official playlist.

Besides, everyone knows that a great movie is made even better with an awesome soundtrack, so why not comic books, too? Given that Way has had both feet firmly planted in music and comics for a while—fronting My Chemical Romance and releasing a solo record; storming the Eisner Awards with The Umbrella Academy—it only makes sense that he’d have some songs in mind when writing his newest comic. His playlist matches the book’s many moods—the punk explosion of the Damned, the raw power of Iggy and Judas Priest, the mournfulness of Spiritualized—it’s all here.

So sit back, plug in those headphones and grab yourself a gyro for the journey. There’s no telling where this playlist may take you, but we’re pretty certain you’re going to enjoy the trip.




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