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First Look: Batman and Nightwing Face the Wrath of...Crazy Quilt?!?

First Look: Batman and Nightwing Face the Wrath of...Crazy...

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

The Dark Knight and his protégé square off against one colorful (and slightly confused) villain in this exclusive sneak peek at the poignant BATMAN #54.

Over the past two years, Batman and Nightwing have gone head to head with some of the worst villains in Gotham.

Joker. Bane. Poison Ivy. Mister Freeze. The Riddler.

In fairness, I suppose you could call their latest adversary “the worst villain in Gotham” as well...but you’re certainly not referring to the type of “worst” that inspires dread. In this week’s BATMAN #54, guest artist Matt Wagner joins writer Tom King to craft a moving tribute to Batman’s longtime relationship with Dick Grayson, who recently donned the cowl once again to allow Bruce to grieve his failed wedding. It’s just the latest example of the sort of support Dick has given to his mentor over the years, and that Bruce has reciprocated in turn, as we see in a series of flashbacks throughout the issue. Which brings us back to Mr. Quilt, who attempts to take down Batman and Nightwing by flashing lights at them.

It goes about as well as you’d expect.


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BATMAN #54 by Tom King, Matt Wagner and Tomeu Morey is in stores this Wednesday.