AMERICAN VAMPIRE celebrates summer blockbuster story “The Blacklist” with five variant covers.

AMERICAN VAMPIRE celebrates summer blockbuster story “The...

By Pamela Mullin Horvath Monday, May 14th, 2012

This one changes everything.
I know you hear that all the time in comics, but we REALLY mean it this time. This summer’s blockbuster AMERICAN VAMPIRE storyline is called “The Blacklist,” and the whole gang returns to the place where it all started—Hollywood. But this time it’s the 50’s, so instead of flappers and silent films, tinsel-town is drenched in the fear and paranoia of the Communist “Red Scare.”
Massive turning point. Game-changer. Point of no return…call it what you want, but this one really does change everything.
And because this is such a massive story, we’ve decided to celebrate with not one but FIVE variant covers! Some of the biggest, best names in comics, paying tribute to the various decades, characters and locations we’ve covered in AV so far…
Starting this June with AMERICAN VAMPIRE 28 we have our first variant cover by Scott Snyder’s partner-in-crime over on BATMAN—Greg Capullo! Greg kicks it off with this bad-ass portrait of everybody’s favorite greaser vampire-killer Travis Kidd!

After Greg we have killer covers coming from DAVE JOHNSON, JOCK, FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA and DUSTIN NGUYEN! Come back here each month for more cover reveals.
Speaking of Dustin, don’t forget to check out our awesome new mini-series also starting this June—AMERICAN VAMPIRE: LORD OF NIGHTMARES. Written by Scott Snyder with sensational art by Dustin, this mini is a great jumping-on point for new readers, and also deepens the mythology for long-time fans.
So it’s another big, fang-filled summer from AMERICAN VAMPIRE and remember—this one changes everything!