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Countdown to Comic-Con: Some Heroic Hashtags

Countdown to Comic-Con: Some Heroic Hashtags

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Photo Courtesy of San Diego Convention Center

In comics, movies, TV and toys, DC Comics super heroes will be taking San Diego by storm this year! With over two dozen panels devoted to DC Entertainment, dozens of booth signings, exclusive comics and collectibles and more great booth swag than you can possibly hope to grab, people will be talking (and tweeting) about DC all throughout Comic-Con. Would you like to join in the discussion? Then you’ll want to use the below hashtags in your tweets or Instagram photos.  We’ll be spotlighting enthusiastic and cool tweets and photos that use them here on all weekend long.


If you follow us on Twitter, you’ve probably seen us using this hashtag in some of our recent tweets. Well, expect to see a lot more of it. #DCSDCC is the hashtag we use to highlight anything pertaining to DC Entertaiment at San Diego Comic-Con, and we encourage you to use it as well. Did you manage to snag a great Superman sketch from your favorite artist? Instagram a photo of it using #DCSDCC. Are you camped out for the Warner Bros. Hall H presentation for a look at Batman v Superman? Tweet updates using #DCSDCC. Get a great photo with some amazing Harley Quinn cosplayers? Post it with the #DCSDCC hashtag. Use it well and use it often.


You’d better believe that Tiffany, Jason and the entire DC All Access team will be joining us in San Diego! They’ll be shooting daily videos, interviewing talent, even moderating a panel or two. If you catch either of our hosts on the floor or at a panel, or if you have a question about one of our SDCC DC All Access clips, be sure to include the #DCAllAccess hashtag.


We encouraged you to start using this hashtag last month, and we see no reason to stop now. #DCYou is the tag to use when showing off your fandom or talking about what DC Comics mean to you. Are you cosplaying this year? Go on and add #DCYou to any photos you post! Did you take a photo at the DC booth green screen (yes, it’s back!)? #DCYou is the perfect hashtag for that as well. And who knows? You just may find yourself on our #DCYou Wall of Fans.


DC has seven live action TV shows debuting or returning next season, the massive hit Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network and yet another hilarious Robot Chicken DC Comics Special in the works—and all of them are represented at panels this year at Comic-Con. If you find yourself at one of these sure-to-be-amazing panels, feel free to use the ever-popular #DCTV hashtag while tweeting about your small screen fandom.

And Don’t Forget the App!

Yes, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the DC Entertainment Events App. Not only does it allow you to keep tabs on all DC Entertainment panels and booth signings and create your own custom schedule, it lets you see all the #DCSDCC buzz in real-time! You can download the app for free through Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store.

Whether you’ll be experiencing the action up close and in person from the San Diego Convention Center or following along from home, we look forward to discussing all things DC with you…all weekend long!