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First Look: Astro City Goes to the Dogs

First Look: Astro City Goes to the Dogs

By Tim Beedle Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Sometimes a strong friendship is capable of changing the world. And there’s never been a friendship quite like the one at the heart of this sneak peek at ASTRO CITY #48...

If you’ve ever had a pet that you cared deeply for, you know how magical that relationship can be. Well, in Vertigo’s ASTRO CITY #48, that magic takes a turn for the literal as a mystical amulet transforms petty thief Andy Merton and his Corgi, Hank, into the high-flying, half-canine super hero known as G-Dog.

As a human, Andy hasn’t contributed much to society. But as G-Dog, he’s saved lives all throughout Astro City. But how did all of this happen? What strange forces enable Andy and Hank to merge? Why is he suddenly able to fly when neither humans nor dogs can? And is it truly possible for a thief who has hurt countless people in his life to be a hero? These are a few of the questions that are answered in this preview of this week’s wonderful new chapter of the Eisner-nominated series written by Kurt Busiek and drawn here by guest artist Mike Norton.

And here we thought getting our dog to fetch was impressive. Enjoy!


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ASTRO CITY #48 by Kurt Busiek and Mike Norton is in stores this Wednesday.