From the Editor's Desk:TUESDAY (British chocolate & love heart) TONIC

From the Editor's Desk:TUESDAY (British chocolate...

By DCE Editorial Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Roll over Sid and Nancy — we know that love kills! Meet the reigning power couples of 2012: From HELLBLAZER:  EPIPHANY GREAVES & JOHN CONSTANTINE She’s a 24-year-old smokin’ hot alchemist and gangster’s daughter. He’s a year-old chain smokin’ street mage and con artist. They are Mr. and Mrs. Constantine.  Follow their latest antics from the magnificent streets of London to the darkest pits of hell.  Issue #288, part 2 of Another Season in Hell, is in stores tomorrow! From FABLES:  SNOW WHITE & BIGBY WOLF She’s the fairest in Fabletown and a tough business woman to boot. He’s the Big Bad Wolf, an ex-sheriff and the son of the North Wind. They had 7 cubs and one is about to be sucked into a story so epically devastating that if you’re wearing a pacemaker, holding a steak knife or reciting purple prose, please deactivate.  We cannot be held responsible for your medical expenses.  FABLES #114, part 1 of Cubs in Toyland, is in stores tomorrow! From iZOMBIE:  SPOT & GAVIN He’s a thoughtful IT guy by day and a were-terrier by night. He’s a handsome comic-book fanboy by day and The Phantasm when a spirit is moved to possess him. They are falling for each other in a BIG way. Find out if they’ll have their first kiss before the world ends in iZOMBIE, a monster send-up series replete with paintball gun wielding vampires, evil scientists, dead presidents and one brain-burger eating, hipster zombie girl. Are those couplings so cute they make your cavities quiver ... or perfectly preposterous?  You decide! Happy 2.14.12! Love, The Girl Most Likely to thank every precious, inarticulate, musically-challenged “ex-boyfriend” (don’t look so know who you are...) for dumping her, Shelly

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